• Peter-lynn-phantom

    Peter-lynn phantom

  • Peter-lynn-Leopard

    Peter-lynn Leopard

  • Peter-lynn Charger

    Peter-lynn Charger

  • lynx-kitesurf

    Peter-lynn Lynx

  • Peter-lynn-Escape

    Peter-lynn Escape

  • Peter-lynn-Swell

    Peter-lynn Swell

  • Peter-lynn Fury

    Peter-lynn Fury

  • CHF 227.00 In stock

    The perfect 4-line all round kite The Hornet is the perfect entry into a world of endless wind powered excitement. Are you looking to make your first miles in a buggy or on a board? Do you just want to be dragged along your local beach or field? The Hornet will provide you with a highly dependable and versatile entry-to-intermediate level traction kite.

    CHF 227.00
    In stock
  • CHF 935.00 In Stock

    The Lynx is a medium aspect ratio, open cell depower foil with a 5th line safety that makes back country exploring easy, due to its user friendliness and versatility.

    CHF 935.00
    In Stock